Quality Assurance

We inspect the parts to meet

100% Quality

before delivering to customers

      We ensure that customers will receive quality parts that meet their requirements by using the inspection tools that have been calibrated with international standard along with employee who have been trained and expertized. Giving the confidence that every parts have passed the Quality Control process with precise measurements.


CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine)

It is a three-dimensional measuring machine for measuring various shapes of complex parts. It is used to measure during production to control quality from the beginning of production with accurate measurement values and high-resolution capability.

FARO 3D Scanner

It is a three-dimensional measuring machine that captures images and compares parts with high precision. The quality inspection with contact/contactless measurement system for complicated tasks that perform three-dimensional measurement for high inspection efficiency.

Profile Projector Machine

It is a dimensional measuring machine without contacting the parts, to use for small and complex shapes. It emits light in black and white, depending on the target, with high resolution.

Surface Roughness Testers

It is a machine to check the roughness and waveness of the pars surface. Measure the roughness of the parts, such as checking the smoothness level of the parts, welding of the parts and Parting Line (PL).

Microscope Machine

It is a tool for measuring small parts and is used to inspect surfaces inside the workpiece, such as air bubbles, surface characteristics or spot where the vernier caliper cannot inspect.

Universal Testing Machine

It is a testing machine used to determine the properties of tensile, tensile strength, elongation at break. Bending Test of parts, Peeling Deformation, adhesion, drilling force, opening force.

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