Production Technology
Vacuum Forming

Vacuum forming machine can produce parts according to mold shape and can produce parts such as leather, rubber, PVC, plastic, etc.



experience in manufacturing Automotive plastics part

for more than

20 years

Ability to design, develop and manufacture automotive plastic parts, 
both interior and exterior parts and also engine components
We have both automatic and semi-automatic system and can also produce in a variety of sizes and shapes,
We have injection molding machines ranging from 80 tons to 1600 tons, Automatic Plastic Welding Machine,
Vacuum Forming Machine, Compression forming machines and cutting machines according to various patterns.


Robot Assembly Insert

Robot can assemble screws and nuts into the mold then cover with plastic injection with precision and excellent quality control.

Two Head Robot Cutting

The use of 2-head robots with a cutting and drilling system to maintain the quality of the parts that require high precision for the fabric or hard plastic parts.

Robot Cutting

Ultrasonic robot system for cutting and drilling parts that require precision in cutting distance. This for leather cladding to be able to fit into the corners according to the workpiece design and able to control the quality.

Robot Spray

The adhesive spay process using robots which will help stabilize both work cycle, quantity and quality control.

Press Forming

10 ton press machine in the process of pressing leather cladding that requires smoothness and tight adhesion of parts susch as Fabric, leather, foam, etc.

Press Forming 200 T (Battery Tray)

Press-molded automotive battery tray manufacturing process for fiberglass raw materials.

Vibration Assembly Machine

Production Process of Oil Reservoir Water tank, oil pipeline inside the engine using an automatic plastic welding system. Work with robots Quality control and stable production.

450 ton injection machine

To support the injection of various parts inside the vehicles and prepare the machine to support the injection of parts for assembly in case the customer needs one stop services.

650 ton injection machine

To support the injection of parts inside the engine compartment such as radiator tanks of automobiles.using glass fiber raw materials.

850 ton injection machine

To support injection of medium-sized parts such as the front console, seat components. Front grille, etc.

1050 ton injection machine

To support injection of large parts such as door panels, Wheel Liner console panels, Side Step, etc.

1600 ton injection machine

Large injection molding machine to support the production of various types of automotive parts and other parts to meet the variety needs of customers.

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